The George Lucas quote at the bottom of each page of this portfolio is something I’ve taken to heart over my entire career as a designer, art director, and visual storyteller.

After moving from Nebraska to Western Colorado, I quickly jumped from a small ad agency to a local TV station. Within two years I was Art Director at KUSA (Denver), Colorado’s top-rated television station.

After my wife and I moved to Sacramento, California, I continued my TV career before becoming Creative Director at Play, Inc., a tech industry powerhouse started by the people who created the Video Toaster.

After Play folded, I became a full-time freelancer for Pinnacle Systems in Mountain View, when products were actually sold in brick and mortar stores. I created a themed look for their product lines and did the concept, design and production for 22 products. I continued to do freelance and contract work until 2014.

My most recent gig was at Stage 9 Exhibits in West Sacramento, California, where I was the Lead Designer for over five years. The company now has eight themed exhibits that travel throughout North America. All are 5-10,000 square feet, and designed to withstand the rigors of being on the road for five years or longer.

My skillset includes:

• Visual storytelling (concept, copywriting, design and production for print, displays, interactives, and video)

• Concept, design and fabrication management for museum-grade displays and interactives

• Hands-on fabrication and installation for museum-grade displays

• Proficiency in SketchUp, Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects, Premiere and the usual suspects (Google Sheets to track projects, Acrobat)

• Sculpting/prop fabrication (this 12’ long Fender hung from the ceiling at the Sacramento Rock n’ Radio Museum. It was purchased by Stage 9 Exhibits in 2019 for their “Rock U” exhibition). After this backyard photo was taken, I added a whammy bar. It’s a Fender Stratocaster. How could I not?